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Moving house can be pretty stressful, especially if you work and have a busy family life. Many customers have asked me to help on “moving in day” to help get their homes organised from day 1. Unpacking in a rush (especially kitchens!) can lead to wasted hours spent reorganising later on.


  • Box unpacking
  • Declutter food items & cooking equipment
  • Plan storage of cooking equipment & food
  • Fill & organise cupboards
  • Create streamlined & clutter free work surfaces


  • Unpack suitcases & bags
  • Declutter clothing & accessories
  • Organise clothing and shoes to fit new wardrobes/drawers
  • Advice on storing summer/winter wardrobes

organiseyourhouse-icon4 Raffaella’s Story

Raffaella’s spare bedroom:

Raffaella had a busy life, often travelling, with very little time at home. Having just moved to a new flat and a parent coming to stay, Raffaella called me for help to sort out her spare bedroom.

How I helped:

  • Unpacked & organised contents of black bin bags & suitcases
  • Advised on use of shelving & storage boxes to group belongings
  • Created box for travel items e.g. passport, travel plug, eye mask etc..
  • Created memory box for photos letters & cards
  • Created box for summer wear for last minute trips

After I left…

Rafaella felt delighted that her mother could stay in a clean and tidy bedroom and the pressure of organising her new flat had been lifted.   She also saved time packing every time she travelled as everything she needed was organised. Less stress all round!

“Ingrid is…pragmatic, down-to-earth and perceptive, which made it great fun to work together. She is a smart and genuine person who obviously enjoys her job and is great at it, and I will never move house again without asking for her help!“



organiseyourhouse-icon4 Judy’s Story

Judy’s kitchen:

Judy contacted me before she moved house as both her and her partner worked full time and they had a busy family life. Judy needed to turn a mountain of unpacked boxes into a fully functioning kitchen as quickly as possible.

How I helped:

  • Unpacked boxes & cleaned cupboards
  • Decluttered out of date food items e.g. herbs, cans etc..
  • Planned storage of cooking equipment & food
  • Filled & organised cupboards
  • Created streamlined & clutter free work surfaces


After I left…

Judy was delighted with her organised kitchen as she would not have had the time to plan where everything would go in the new kitchen layout. Family mealtimes resumed quickly and the family was able to settle in and enjoy their new space.

Get in touch with Ingrid and let’s clear your clutter soon!

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Professional decluttering and organising service for homes throughout

South East London: Bexley, Greenwich, Bromley, Lewisham, Dartford, Croydon and Sevenoaks.

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