Home Office Organisation Services

Stacks of filing and out of date paperwork is so common since we would all rather be doing something else! I can provide much needed help to organise your office leaving you with a clear way forward.

  • Sorting & categorising business & personal paperwork
  • Creating filing systems that fit around your life
  • Providing advice for maximising storage
  • Archiving items & collectables
  • Decluttering & organising stationery
  • Creating memory boxes to group together photos & keepsakes

organiseyourhouse-icon4 Nicole & Rob’s Story

Nicole & Rob’s Home Office:

Nicole and Rob both worked from home in a shared office which included the family paperwork and business paperwork which was all muddled up. They had just undergone a house refurbishment and the office had become a dumping ground.

How I helped:

  • Sorted & categorised all paperwork
  • Created 3 filing systems for both businesses & family paperwork
  • Organised stationery items
  • Created a printing station to include printer, paper, ink
  • Cleared work surfaces & improved the use of shelving

After I left…

Nicole and Rob were elated with their tidy and streamlined office. With a clear area to work in and places to keep office items, they could start their working day with a clear head.

“…Our shared office was probably the issue that caused me most sleepless nights! We had moved into a downstairs larger space and ignored the spare office – again, much of the situation was caused by having to work amongst the major renovations, just grab stuff, work from coffee shops and dump again later. There was post that remained in BAGS, UNOPENED, all mine…for a very long time. There was no clarity between home/work/children’s administration organisation, it all just blended in and was again, OVERWHELMING. Step in Ingrid, organisation technique at its finest! Logic, second to none…”

Nicole & Rob


organiseyourhouse-icon4 Miles’ Story

Miles’ home office:

Miles had a small home office that he shared with his partner. Over time it had become a cluttered room with a mixture of out of date paperwork, paperwork to be actioned, stationery and personal belongings.

How I helped:

  • Sorted & categorised all paperwork
  • Created his/hers filing system
  • Identified & shredded out of date paperwork
  • Created a “to action” tray for Mile’s and his partner
  • Created his/hers memory boxes for photos & keepsakes

After I left…

Miles was delighted with his tidy and organised office. Now that the filing system had been thinned out there was space to start filing current paperwork and the office was a pleasure to spend time in once again.

Get in touch with Ingrid and let’s clear your clutter soon!

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