Today I received a phone call from a client who wanted my help. I found out quite soon in the conversation that this lovely lady was too far for me to travel to, but I always take time to talk to people that phone me up. Personally I find that they are doing the bravest thing there is and that is ask for help. It isn’t easy to admit you have too much stuff in your home and you want to find someone to help you. They are so brave picking up the phone and actually doing something about it. So I gave several tips to the lady:

1: Please have a look at and find a declutterer near you by either clicking on your area or putting in your postcode on the website.

2: Have a look at different organiser’s websites before making a decision who to ring for a consultation. Don’t only look at price, but also at travel time and travel cost and if they do a free estimate or not.

3: Go with your gut feeling! Decluttering is so personal and it’s very important you like the person you’re going to give access to your house.

Last but not least I always congratulate them for having the courage to call me. That is one of the hardest things to do in the whole process. I encourage them to look for the right person and I try to get across how wonderful it is to free yourself from stuff and only have in your home what you love and use. I try to inspire them to continue their journey to a clutter free, less stressed and more balanced life.

Now I just hope she finds the right organiser for her!

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