Yesterday I spend 4 hours working with a client decluttering her wardrobes, shoes and handbags. About halfway through the session I realised she owns the most handbags of any client I’ve ever worked with. Beautiful clutches, small purses, large handbags, travel bags, rucksacks and many more, Some have a brand, some are designer, some match same coloured shoes and several go with a certain outfit. It really is a pleasure for me to do this kind of job.


My client was brave enough to declutter some shoes, a few handbags and took out clothes for the charity shop and for her to sell on Ebay.  About 2 bags of items were ready to go at the end of the session. Of course I would have liked to see some more items go, but it was very clear to me that she loves her bags, shoes and clothes and she has room in her home to keep and store them. These are the things that make her happy and she has spent a long time building up a beautiful collection. We were able to move things around and create space so now all of her handbags are together so if she needs one she can easily get her hands on it. The gorgeous, very high-heeled shoes that are not worn as often as in the past are now a bit higher up and out of the current wardrobe, but we labelled all the boxes, so she knows where they are if she needs them.

It’s my job to help my clients live a more organised live and sometimes that includes getting lots of bags ready for the charity shop or the tip and other times it means organising items into categories and helping to decide where to put it in the home so my clients can find it when they need it. So YES, in my opinion being organised definitely makes people happier.

Happy decluttering and organising!

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