Since I’ve decided to become a professional organiser a couple  of years ago I’ve read many blogs, articles, magazines and books about clutter and organising! Recently I’ve bought Sue Kay’s book No More Clutter. After reading it I have decided it’s my favourite book I’ve read so far. I like the structure in the book, the different chapters in it and the way it’s been written. Maybe it helps that Sue is one of the co-founders of APDO-UK and she understands that here in the UK space is limited. A lot of the de-clutter books are American, where they all seem to have huge houses with endless space, wardrobes, cupboards, utility rooms and basements, while we have to work with a lot less square metres.

I especially like her 12 point de-cluttering plan described in chapter 3. It gives a step by step guide how to de-clutter and reorganise a wardrobe, but you can see the plan can be applied with all the different de-clutter jobs around the house. Also chapter six which talks about “how to stop paper taking over your life” is a favourite. Not only does it describe the 6 paper problems it also gives very clear suggestions about what you can do with each paper to solve your problems and what you need to do long term.

The book (written almost 8 years ago) can feel a bit dated on a  few occasions, but overall I think it’s a wonderful read and definitely worth your while!

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