On a rainy day like today it makes me think back to the lovely holiday we had just last month in the South West of England. The family and I enjoyed a 2 week camping trip to a lovely 5 star campsite in our tent. Although we “glamp” instead of camp (we have a fridge with us and I sleep under my own duvet on a mattress) we don’t need a lot of “stuff” to survive on holiday. A good place to sleep (mattress and duvet) and eat (table and chairs), a tent over our heads, an excellent BBQ to make dinner on and one bag each with clothes. We survived, had a great time and spend a minimal amount on washing up, laundry and cleaning!

Of course it’s great to be back home and have a bit more around you than just canvas but it does make you think. Do we really need so much to make us happy? The more we own, the more money we’ve spend, the more time we need to maintain/repair items and the more time we need to clean it all. I’m definitely not suggesting you to go all minimalistic, but have a good look around your home and wonder what’s really important to you. Do these items deserve the attention that they need? Do they have pride of place in your home and do you enjoy them? If the answer is no you would want to start de-cluttering and making space.

“Less is more” is a really good quote to keep in mind if you are doing your next de-cluttering session. Just get rid of all the things that keep you from enjoying the things you truly love. If you need help sorting through your belongings ask a friend to give you a helping hand or find a local de-clutterer and organiser (www.apdo-uk.co.uk) to boost your energy and get you into action.

Good luck!

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