With the summer holidays fast approaching it’s time to make sure a couple of things are sorted before you travel. Here are my top 5 tips so you’re all set for your summer break.

1: Where is your passport? Is it still valid? Do you need a visa for the place you’re travelling to? Are your partner’s and kids passports valid as well? Check this today. There might be still time to get your documents in order before your trip.

2: Have you sorted your travel insurance? Whether you have a year-round policy or buy one every time you go away, make sure you check it’s still in date. Also double check what you are insured for. Is it only the trip or also when you lose something or an item gets stolen. Are the activities you want to do on holiday like diving, skiing or paragliding insured?

3: Have you booked flights or a ferry and if yes now is the time to find those tickets and check the travel dates and times on them. If you haven’t booked anything but have been waiting for last minutes prices now is the time to start spending some time to organise your travel arrangements. If you fly check the baggage allowance so you don’t have to pay for oversized luggage.

4: If you’ve booked a package holiday you probably have your hotel or apartment included, but if not you want to sort out your accommodation. This can be a campsite, a hotel, an apartment or a caravan. Have a look at check in and check out times so there are no surprises when you arrive.

5: How are you getting to and from the airport, train or ferry? Do you need to book a taxi, ask a friend for a drop-off or have you got a very early flight you’d rather spend the night before in an airport hotel? If you drive have you booked a carpark space on the airport?

Checking, booking and organising these things now will make your trip less stressful and your holiday will be off to a brilliant start.

Have a fantastic and relaxing trip!

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