You return from a lovely relaxing holiday and there you are in your home with all the suitcases and tired from travelling! Here’s a top 5 of things to do after your holiday so you can stay relaxed:

1: Start a load of laundry within 10 minutes of stepping through the door. Unless you come home in the middle of the night and all you want to do is sleep, it makes sense to put a load in as soon as you can.

2: Go grocery shopping. The earlier you have a full fridge the better. You can start with a routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner again so you’re back on track sooner. Have a look at your diary or calendar before you hit the supermarket, so you know how to plan your meals for the week ahead.

3: Unpack all the suitcases. Yes…….everything……..and put the suitcases back in the loft/attic/cupboard where they live. Don’t leave half unpacked cases hanging around for weeks or months to come. You want to tidy up every item, put away all the holiday gear (if you have certain items you use every holiday make a separate bag with all the items and store them where you can find them again).

4: Open your mail both paper and inbox. Paper mail needs to be recycled, shredded, put in the “to file” basket or put in the “to do” basket. Your personal inbox needs going through as well so you’re on top of email before you go back to work or school. This also can be done the day after you come back, but schedule time to do this.

5: Put the photos of your camera on the computer and organise them. Delete any that are out of focus, double or aren’t any good. Keep the rest and file them away on your computer/cloud. Don’t forget to share them with friends or family.

Last but not least a bonus tip for you: Let your loved ones know you’re home safe and sound and share your holiday stories with them. Give your mum, dad or best friend a call and catch up. What better way to remind yourself of your fantastic holiday!

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