Summer is the best time of year to do those nagging de-cluttering and tidying jobs. If we get dry weather, like we did last weekend, you can empty a room that needs de-cluttering into the garden, have a good sort and then only move back in what you really want to keep. Here are my other top tips for Summer:

Make sure you have a washing line outside
You’re probably thinking “how will this help me to de-clutter”? Laundry dries quicker outside and it can be folded away immediately ready to be stored, so you won’t have mountains of washing all over the house. A retractable line is a good idea if you’re short on space but even an airer will suffice.

Set a day aside to clean out your garage or shed
If you can completely empty the space make sure you have a good sweep inside – you’ll be amazed at the dust! Don’t forget to factor in an hour at the end to make a trip to the tip and recycling centre.

Wash all your bedding, including duvets, mattress protectors and pillow
Check that items can be machine washed first (look especially on the labels of down or feather-filled items). If it’s going to be a dry day make sure your duvet gets washed first as it’ll take longer to dry. While your linen dries, seize the opportunity to give your mattress a good vacuum (you can turn it too) and don’t forget to clean under the bed.

Have your BBQ at the ready!
This year we hopefully will have better weather than last Summer, so have your BBQ ready for action. Check if your BBQ is clean -don’t waste the precious rays scrapping off last year’s burger residue! Get your BBQ tools in order and make sure you’ve got enough coals, so if the sun breaks through you’re ready to sizzle.

Wishing you a great summer!

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