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Professional decluttering and organising service

for homes throughout Bromley, Bexley, Eltham,

Greenwich, Chislehurst, Lewisham and Sidcup.

Kent & London (South East, East & Central) also covered.

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Do you wish your home was more organised?

Then why not let me bring a sense of calm by helping you professionally declutter and organise your home?

Organising your home

Need help de-cluttering & organising your kitchen, bedroom, lounge or garage? Find out more

Organising your home office

Paperwork out of control? Need help organising your office space? Find out more

Organising after a house move

Need help unpacking & reorganising your belongings in a new home? Find out more

My customers tell me that after my visit they feel more relaxed, less tired and more organised. 
As they are no longer searching for missing items they also feel more in control of their life and they have more personal time.
Imagine that?

Discover what my customers think

“…Ingrid gets things done! I now find myself tackling things with a ‘what would Ingrid do?’ mentality. It’s amazing, she’s amazing, you NEED her!…”  

Nicole & Rob


“…I didn’t realise how much having a disorganised house had a negative impact on our day to day lives…. Ingrid really has helped us get our lives back. I sleep better and am far less stressed…”

Mrs. S.


“..Clearing out stuff is very therapeutic. It is very good for the soul. I am certain that it would never have happened without you…”


East London

“…with your enthusiasm and very practical advice our room has been rescued from the grips of the clutter monster. I keep smiling every time I look into the room.”


Orpington, Kent

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